About Us

Wordsrum is where poems live. This is the medium through which poetry is channelled. Sometimes words cannot describe feelings, but poems can. This website was created by me so that it can act as a conduit for the conduction of poetry. It gives you the opportunity to put your beautiful poetic creations in a place where people can read it.

We think that poetry is something innate to humans. As a matter of fact, poetry is what makes humans, humans. Since Wordsrum is a part of the Intersapien Network, which celebrates humanity, it is a perfect website to deliver its message, in a more poetic way.

So “Rummage” through the words you have that describe your feelings, arrange them to form poetry and let the whole world see. I have found through my own journey that “Everyone’s a poet, some know it, some don’t know it yet.” Welcome to Wordsrum.