Love Poems for Wife – 30+ Unique Poems to Make Your Wife Feel Special

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Your Wife is someone very special to you. But how often do you appreciate her for her love? Don’t worry. We know a way to make her feel special. All you have to do is get some of these (or all of these) love poems for your wife and dedicate it to her. These love poems for the wife are written from the heart and will make her feel loved. We have included both long and short love poems for wives that will suit everyone. 

These poems are unique and are all written by talented writers here at Wordsrum. So these poems are all unique. These poems will also work as wife appreciation poems. It is time for you to make your wife feel special. Let’s begin.

Love Poems for Wife Part 1

Since the list of Love Poems for Wife is quite big, we have divided it into 6 parts. These parts are just to provide a structure to the article and hence are arbitrary. All these poems are equally special.

The Days 

The days spent with your memories 

The good or the bad, whatever it may be,

Making their words and putting them in this story,

I’ve been writing a book about you and me.

Faced a few good and bad chapters,

Had ups and downs,

Few tears, few touches of laughter,

I am trying to put you and me on

The same happy chapter,

I am trying to reach a happily ever after.


Your smile and the glow of your eyes,

Outshines the brightest stars in the sky

No one can become like you, whatever they try

You’ll always be amazing, no matter how much u deny.

Your eyes connect, an engaging language they speak,

And possess everything any heart would seek.

Enticing, and exotic, they are hypnotic,

The perfection in you, they bespeak.

The days and nights that just don’t end,

When I’m talking to you, it becomes a matter of seconds.

And even if the sun would stop shining,

My world won’t be dark as long as you’re smiling

And whoever said that nobody’s perfect 

Hasn’t had a glimpse of you yet.

You’re a beautiful fantasy, made into reality,

And a sight no one will ever want to forget.

When I asked the moon about you,

It said it’s jealous of you,

And so is everything beautiful in the world

Because nothing’s as beautiful as the sight of you.

And without you, the days aren’t bright,

So gloomy and darker are the nights

The trees aren’t green, the sky isn’t blue

And for me, that’s the significance of you.

Blinding Mist 

Where it hurts, where it starts to feel.

She’s got everything for me to heal.

Rages in the storm, she’s got the calmness of a breeze.

The fire in my mind turns to ice as she speaks.

I love her more than the moon loves the earth,

The moon or the earth isn’t close to her worth.

When nothing can calm me, she’s the one I can’t resist.

She’s the star shining brightly,

When I’m surrounded by blinding mist.

Reason to fly 

No strength in myself, yet for you I can try 

Your presence in my heart is the light

No darkness can hide.

I may get tired from the pull that pushes me down,

But I have nothing to worry

With your love, I can fly


White light from a red sunset,

Your pristine love washed away my regrets.

Now I wonder in clouds

Looking for your heart

But I realized it was in my possession 

From the start.

Conquerer of the sky

My confab with the stars

did not go well tonight

now they’re hiding 

in the clear sky

‘Look how beautiful we are 

They said

‘ Look how bright we are’ they claimed

I waited for a while

‘look how amazing..’ And I showed them

your image

even they admitted those were lies

you shattered their hubris and pride

you already had the earth

now you’ve conquered the sky.


What designation do I hold?

for the job of my soul?

There’s many

the list goes long.

A lover of her beauty

An admirer of her eyes

A collector of her memories

A keeper of her smile

A permeant tenant of her heart

Like a miscible liquid, we blend

I held her hand from the start

I’ll hold it till the end.

Love Poems for Wife Part 2

Dread mortality

I hold her close in my hands

I deeply stare into her eyes

those windows on her beautiful face

lead me to where my universe lies.

Behind the day-night of your hair

my dearest dream hides.

she’s the fulfillment that 

my depraved soul seeks

and I want to keep her, she’s the rejoicing of my heart

I dread mortality because,

death will do us part


Conjured at first sight

trust me I have seen it

enchanting face, bewitching smile

eyes are spellbook because 

there’s so much magic in it

If flattery is to be put aside

I will admit

That I do not think about her a million times

I just do it 72 times a minute.


Like the moonlight

bouncing off the shimmering sea,

your eyes shine with the

light of my destiny.

Walk in the darkness, do not be afraid

in a situation that is dire,

I shall burn to light up your way.

This concept of time makes no sense 

when your heart beats close to me

that moment is an instant to me,

what the world would call an eternity.


I’m the chaotic storm that ravages

she’s my tranquility,

I stand so brittle and rigid

she gives me strength and flexibility.

I write the words and arrange them in rhyme

she is the one that makes it poetry.

I fall to an end whenever I falter,

she keeps me going in continuity.

The lines and shape of her face mesmerize

I seek a word beyond meager word beauty.

to any eye, I may look complete

but I am not, she is my moiety.

Forces of the universe 

Call it magic or some 

underlying feature

of this universe,

But for the same reason

in my veins, the blood runs,

why the world turns

towards the sun

is behind why

for you, my heart yearns.

The very laws that guide

a stream forward

that causes sprouting

of a flower’s bud

is behind my love

so all I am doing 

is writing down the words

guided by the forces of the universe.

Love Poems for Wife Part 3

Love longer

Just words I write,

she puts meaning In them,

not the sun but

her sights mark the start 

of my day,

I will love you all my life

I will love you until I die

and just to love you a little more

I would want to stay alive.


I have been through hell

Taking unbearable pain,

but I found you among the woes 

and that’s the biggest gains

and I am ready to take it

go through the same

every toil is worth it

when you’re the reason for it.

I would live this tormenting life again

just to love you again.


This illusion of time stops,

a different world I reach

whenever our eyes meet

Here’s a little secret

I wanted to keep

but as things have turned out

I think I should speak

What I have been playing 

as my heartbeat

is it just your name 

on repeat.


She was the shore

when my wretched ship

could not take anymore

She’s my greatest 


for any of my strives 

she’s the strongest temptation

in this dreaded reality

she is my salvation

from eternal damnation


In a scuffle with my memories,

It holds so scantily yet so much I see,

and I feel everything I want to keep

like the taste of your kiss,

the touch of your skin

and the voice when you speak

places we planned to go,

and places that we have been.

So if bits of memories join to make who I am

you make the most of me,



You’re someone who’s 

impossible to forget

If loving you was a crime I committed

there’s nothing I regret

universe’s most beautiful creation

free from all aberrations

whoever said nobody’s perfect

hasn’t had a glimpse of you yet.

Love Poems for Wife Part 4


Don’t want it to pass

never to let it go away

hope forever it could last

wish I could make it stay

My uniform seeks to love the nation

but my skin suffers from starvation

of your touch,

of the reddening rush.

This moment when we are together

racing heart but calmness around

running free so far yet happily together bound

The still has its music to play

mellow voices of beating heart

what do they say 

I don’t understand but

I feel I know it anyway

Let the rest of the world fall

apart, so hush 

kiss me slow and let time stall

look at me with eyes shut

we are all we need 

the rest is superfluous

at this very moment for us.


As a crystal so clear

her eyes so pure

her hair moves like

the gentle waves of the sea

My desires, my life’s fire

all lies in her

her eyes showed me what beauty means

she’s far away physically 

but she’s so close mentally 

Each second I think

about the second we meet

and until that day

I remain incomplete


I fall into the lows,

she brings me high,

she’s the melody that my songs need

dazzling white radiance she has

she’s the bright moon

my lonely night sky seeks.


As the clocks turn and you come close,

our souls conflate

like two vibrant colors being mixed,

on an artist’s palette.

Then we are taken on this ephemeral journey

on the brush of fate.

The events of our lives occur when they touch the canvas

of time and space,

this is the story of us, written and painted each second

this is the painting of our life that is been made.


It’s like imagining a

a painting that’s never being shown

like a visit to a house

that feels like home

like a stranger who 

induces strange feelings

like a familiar face

you’ve never known 


Flaws flowed in me

but she started to amend

broken and ruptured once

she came and started to mend

she has a vague idea

of what she means to me

she could know it

only if she has my eyes to see.

Love Poems for Wife Part 5


Her light is the evidence 

that she is beyond the best

how does her utterance of any word

puts my heart in unrest.

no wonder I can sense her anywhere

she’s disparate from the rest

we are all dust left from a dying star

clustered coincidences

but if we are made from the 

same elements

how come she is the prettiest?


A smile on her face 

is it enough to send

ripples in the space

time in her presence 

runs faster than it should

wherever she stays

for me, gravity fails

and yet somehow

I fall for her every day

things that I knew

now seems so new

it’s a doubtful realty 

because its a dream come true

if I and she could be the letters

I’d prefer inseparable to be better

she will be my ‘U’ and 

I will be her ‘Q


You’re my fate, my destiny to unfold

my ravishing dream come true

I don’t call the moments as a 

part of my life

which hold no mention of you

the stars that shine in the night sky

is outshined by your smile

I can bring the moon but I refuse

because even for a while

I don’t want to be that far away from you.


Her love makes me impulsive

it is sunny and stormy 

sometimes a rage, a fury

sometimes a shiny streak of harmony

so immersive she is

she already has me mixed

into something or someone

I have lost my individuality

now it is just us

no she or me.


She’s the drink that 

makes me resent soberness

the bland and drab world

that exists when I am in my senses.

her scent like a balmy day

like a sweet fragrance that pervades

bright like a shining diamond is her scintillating smile

no wonder she pulled my senses toward herself

for she’s the real flower amongst paper lies.

Love Poems for Wife Part 6


She is my caffeine when I need to get in my senses

She’s my alcohol when I want to lose them.


In an abyss of despair, 

where darkness resides,

my forlorn soul was stripped of hope

but she turned me into a seeker of light.

when the veil of night covers

into the bright silvery moon, she turns

the malice of the fabric of clouds

could never obstruct the rays of her sun,

she’s the music I can easily discern,

amidst the cluster of noise,

she’s the one I met from a beautiful 


or maybe by fate’s choice.


Her hair flows like a 

devouring dark night

and just beneath that lies

a smile like sunshine

of all the combinations in the world

best is her hand in my hand

it couldn’t be more right

it’s something unreal I feel

I want her even more

even though she’s 

already mine.


Seldom now do I speak

more often I remember her name

memories of her are more vibrant than rainbow

my dreams are painted with the same

you might not be a believer 

of things unreal

but when you catch a glimpse of her

you’ll understand why

some magic’s real 

and angels do exist in real life.


I try to hold it together

but it falls apart

every time she looks at me

she steals a fragment of my heart

and I could go on describing her

pages and pages would turn

still, there would be an ‘And’

to continue it

an ‘End’ would never come.

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