Poems about Stars and Love and Why They Are Beautiful

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Perhaps one of the most powerful motivators of a poet is the dark night speckled with thousands of stars that are infinity far. These bright dots of light have been the eliminator of the creative block not just for poets, but for artists as well. Vincent van Gogh was mesmerized by it. So we decided to write an anthology of poems about stars and love.

The reason, I think, about the magnificence of stars is how they widen our horizon. Inside a room, you can hardly see anything beyond a few meters. The same goes for outside. The roads, trees, etc have a limit. 

But there is no limit when it comes to stargazing. And when you look at a star, that is millions of miles away (at least), your gaze, your horizon spans as far as the universe goes. And this is the source of the magic and the inspiration of these poems.

What’s more fascinating about these stars is that everything we see around us, from the cars to the people we meet and love, are all made up of stars. Some stars died in a time that is unimaginably far away from us. These stars shattered themselves, spreading the stardust in all corners of our solar system. Every mineral, organic compound is a gift from the long-gone stars. So we have a kinship with these dots of light in the night sky.

Poems about stars and love

Dots and dices 

The dots, the shimmer

The silver speckled night

In the darkness that engulfs

These dots make it bright

So small, and seems insignificant

And the darkness rise

But there’s something more to it

Beyond the scope of life

The stars show that there is hope

Even in the darkest of time

No darkness can put out

The powerful speckled light 

And when it comes to hope, it always runs

And the stars never play dice 

Stardust poem by wordsrum


Illuminated punctures on a 

Dark covering cloth

Early visits from the light my eyes behold

As the imminent dusk starts to fall

And a forgotten kinship I’m reminded of

As the Stardust that made me

Answers their call

Poems about stars and love

The night goes, stars rest

About hope, I’ve learned a lot

From the daily demise of the dawn

And the rise of the dusk

And watching it go on and on

The night comes, the night goes

But the stars are always there for

Us and our eyes to see

We just forget it sometimes, that’s all

So the night will come,

there’s nothing that can be done

The smiles and laughter will die 

But they rise again with the call

So look at the stars, their light is the love

And the sky is bright by the sun

When the stars are gone

Poems about stars and love

A cold night

I want to sit down

Under some day’s sky

Look up at whatever I see 

And look what I’ve left behind

The love that courses through my vein

The love that fills my life

And I shall see the stars 

The familiar stars that saw me cry

And I’ll tell them all about my pain

But at that moment, there will be a smile

And the stars will shine brighter than before

Seeing how their love and presence

Saved a life.

Poems about stars and love

Made of stars

My love for stars is eternal 

Like the stars are eternal themselves

Born, burn and blast 

But they never reach a conclusive end

They shatter what they had

Their body reaching far

And with each bit of their broken body, they send 

A tiny capsule of life to start

Those capsules are naught, but us

Aggregated to form laughter, cries

Aggregated to form hatred and love

The wars we wage, the atrocities we make

We are just a form of stars 

Either burn to guide the path

Or burn, just to burn. 

Love poems about stars

Our ephemeral life

Of eternal life that we desire 

What are we in front of these stars 

They see millions of us born and die

And with not a speck of age in their fire

These magnificent creatures of red and blue

Confound me in dichotomies 

So small yet so large 

There’s so much more than the eyes could see

They burn and blast and devour other stars

Yet they have the gentle glow 

That gives life and lets life live.

Appreciating stars poetry by wordsrum

A sky full of ghosts

These twinkling, teary lights above 

Tells tales of million years old 

Massless messengers running so fast

Brings so many messages from the glow

What is there, where the eyes run

Where the senses fail 

Where these stars burn 

What world do you nourish, or ravage 

Our dear cousins of the sun

Put my head up, look at the lost world 

In the search for something that lived in the past

Or perhaps what holds for us in the future 

In this mesmerizing shine, I seek

Some love and some hope

Looking for an answer to my future 

By asking questions to a sky full of ghosts 

original poem about stars and love

Burning desire

Like the stars burn eternally

In a bright fire

My love shall take on any storm

For it is no less than that fire

I have given it all

My everything that resides inside

For nothing is more important

Than my only desire

So take my hand and heed to my love

And look at the stars eternal fire

Cold is the night, but the stars shine bright

And so will be my burning desire.

love of stars and skies poem

Stellar love

You’re my world

You’re not from this world

And how did you manage 

To take everything from me

Yet made me love

What’s with the sky

Why do the stars shine

So bright

Is it your magic above

Is it something about your love

I’m here on Earth

But with you I feel the heaven above

So strong is your gravity to keep me here

Such is the essence

Of your stellar love

poetry for stars

Fervent fever of fire

It is this fire

that burns in me

when I look upon thee

those beautful blue stars

the glaring red ones

the orange that puts life in matter

the tiny ones that put hope in my arms

The fervent fire shall burn

for it is the only which has taken me this far

and if the journey ends, I know my next home

I shall be nestled in the warm fire of the stars

That was it for the poems. Once again, these poems are exclusive to Wordsrum, written by the talented writers of our group. This means that you will not find these poems anywhere else. For more original poems that are bite-size short, you can follow us on our original instagram page by clicking the button below.

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