10+ Poems about Unrequited Love to Make you Feel Good

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Love is a beautiful thing to be in, but it needs two people to be in it. Often, that is not the case. Since one cannot control whom to fall in love with, they start loving someone who is never going to love them back. And trapped in this agonizingly sweet dependence, these people spend their time. For all these people, here are 10 poems about unrequited love that will define your situation and make you feel good.

You are not alone to be in that kind of situation. Most of us go through the same situation and there is nothing wrong with it. Whether you get to be with the one you love or not is a question of time, but one thing is certain; if you are unhappy, one day you won’t be. Till then, take a look at these exclusive poems, only to be found on Wordsrum. 

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My Dependency 

In the sorrowful dark nights 

My love for you keeps gleaming 

You could bask in this light 

If only you could see it

But I’ll keep my love strong 

For what is love if it cannot stand adversities 

The flame would be here, ready to warm you 

Even if this flame burns me. 

Eyes Closed 

It seems as if I am out on my own 

Carrying you where I go 

To make you see what world it is 

While you keep your eyes closed

You may not see me and that’s no problem 

Because it is something I know 

How much I have loved you 

Even when you don’t

Never stop loving you 

I made a promise to myself 

Something that no one else would

To make you the breath of my life 

No one would catch my eyes, but you

Even though you are far away from me 

Some part of me stays close to you 

Like the Moon is far, yet always near the stars 

You are the serene white when I have got the blues 

So be with me in my thoughts 

There are some things I have to do 

I am learning to live without you 

But I can never stop loving you. 


I know there are things

Things we cannot achieve 

And you are one of them 

A dream that reminds me of the dull reality 

But should I be bound 

Why should you stay afar? 

If in dreams we are fated to meet

Let’s make it better than reality. 

An utterance of some words

You utter some words 

And they change my world 

Whatever you said, good or bad 

All is sweetness that I heard 

is that the magic of you?

the power you can conjure up

You’ve bound me in a spell 

What I heard was just the utterance of some words. 

Fire Within

Rainfall on winter nights 

I know it ought to be cold 

I know it ought to be white

But raindrops fall 

From a dark and devoid sky 

Do the heavens weep? 

For what do I want and cannot have?

why must your heart sleep?

while my mind stays awake?

In the chatter of a million voices 

All screaming nothing but your name 

Lost in the love that was never to come 

Call it fool’s gold or a lover’s mistake 

But let the rainfall over the ashes of my dream

Can the cold water and winter cool the fire within? 

Throw my heart, but let it beat

Throw my heart, but let it beat

Reject it all you want, but let it plead 

I know that truth, the ugly reality 

But it is the heart, blinded

It won’t see, it won’t heed. 

So I beg you to be kind to it 

For it’s the heart where I keep your memories

I don’t want to lose what’s left of you 

I have to stop my heart from breaking 

My love will unrequited, I know it 

But let it stay in my heart 

Throw it away if you want 

But let my heartbeat. 

Some of you are all I need 

I dare not ask for more 

Only enough to let me live 

Too much is too good 

And for too good, I am not destined.

So all I ask is a bit of your time 

A bit of your laughter, a bit of your smile 

We all need some form of addiction to live 

Not all of you, which I will never get

But some of you are all I need. 

Painting my dreams 

Where life lacks color 

In your debilitating absence 

I meet you in my thoughts

Where you love me and I live

In this blacks and whites, are emotionless.

You are the color 

I paint my dreams with 

In love, I am lost 

I was trying to find myself 

Then I realized where I was 

Do you need to know where you are? I think not 

When you’re in love, you’re lost.

And that is fine

You are not mine

But why does it matter?

I know that I am yours

A perforated dream

A perforated dream

I get it when I sleep

pricks of sooty nightmares

keeps leering at me

Now I know what’s up

Dreams are my desire to be with you

The nightmares are the depressing reality

No one but you

I tried making another stand

the place where you once stood

No one fits there

as if my heart was molded for you

But the empty space reeks of your absence

looking for your sweet essence

Why must I lie and say “Where you stood”

You’ll be always here, no one but you.

Desire of fire

I know what I want

I might never get

but what is the desire

Is it not hard to get?

But you’re a dangerous one, I won’t lie

I can’t do anything, you’re my heart’s desire

I know you’ll be the end of me

I know you are my desire for fire

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