20+ Original Freeverse Love Poems for Her/Him

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Your loved one deserves something special. And sometimes, just a few words that describe your love towards them is enough to make them smile and feel loved. So we decided to write some freeverse poems that can be used both by him and her. So go ahead and text them with these poems to show how important they are for you. So here are 20 original freeverse love poems that are written by the staff at Wordsrum, so you can be sure that these poems are only here and nowhere else to be found.

My world

I believed in the eyes 

Of the person next to me 

There is nothing around me

But the one.

And the one next to me 

Is my world.

You are, in my arms

The rough haze that pervades 

And slowly creeps towards 

Let me take you in my arms 

And burn the fire 

So passionate, so bright 

The haze fizzles

The soft roses now radiate melody 

When you are, in my arm.

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Seek solace

I seek nothing but 

Some solace 

From this world that runs so damn fast

A smile stuck on your face

The smiles goes into my eyes 

And the fast world

Slows down.


The stars with silver 

The sun with crimson

In the fields of red and blue 

Tulip and roses and the sky’s hue

What are the chances 

How did we find each other 

Like light finds darkness 

Like silence finds music 

We exist for each other

Alone we don’t.

Love is all we need

The feverish rage 

Runs in my veins 

And I seek nothing 

But your cold gaze

The burning fire churns my soul 

Calling your name incessantly 

The clouds conspire 

The hiding of tender moon

The silver sparkle that showers 

Making the insipid flowers blood 

And the essence that finds us

Seeks nothing but love 

Love is all we have 

Love is all we need 

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What is this need 

That is inside 

That speaks when I think of your name

Why do you hold such a place in my heart?
What’s so important about you 

What string connects you and me 

Destiny and fate are just made up words

Then why do you make me believe in them?

Why is your presence so important 

Why is your absence of resented?

Why don’t you just be here with me

Why doesn’t time stop 

When you are close 

Why does it run so fast 

When you are about to leave

These are the things I don’t understand 

These are the things I don’t want to understand 

All I understand is 

I need you. 


I feel complete 

A bizarre sensation 

Runs in my heart 

Goes to my mind 

To steal my senses 

And I give in to you 

A tale that was written 

Perhaps before we were born 

The tell that would start 

After we met 

The story of us, of you and me 

And my desire 

To be forever yours

Not words but eyes

I never knew 

How close we were

How we talked

Without speaking 

How the silence bloomed 

And spoke so much 

Our love travelled 

Not through words

But eyes.

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Love reaches love

Futile is conveying 

To stop my love

So let it move and flow

Wherever it goes

But I know, I Know

Where my love shall run

To the place it calls home 

My love shall reach my love. 


It is essential 

It is quintessential 

That I shall fall for you

The road was slippery

My senses were lost 

And it was you who stood 

To catch me when I fell

Fate, destiny call it whatever you want 

But I would call it 

A thankful event.

Moon dreams

I want a future 

So balmy 

The sun shines 

The moon dreams 

In the sky

And the waves flutter

Singing the joyous songs

Of seeing to lovers

Dig their toes in the sand

So will the bird 

And the clouds above 

The racing wind touches us

Blessing us with eternal love

I wonder when I wander

I wonder how the world would be

in your absence

where would I stand

If I had not fallen for you

Where could I find my home

If I had not lost my way

If I was not walked the path

Seeking something I had never lost

I received you, the greatest gift

the world has ever given me

Songs written

Words spoken

and then it became superflous

what we wanted to talk

was love, with beady eyes, shine’s alive

And love spoke in rythm

making songs about us

singing every time we meet


The iridescent flow of the river

of love,

Sailing over the turbulence

the boat is all we have

but the love is our compass

your hand in my hand, my strength

For you

I have been breathing

for me, not for you

I have been living, for me

and not you

because there is nothing

better than being by your side

So I do all the things

to make myself happy

but I am for you.


My dear love, my love for you

is something that always grows

It will never run out

and the day it does

and I am left with no love for you

Just be sure that

the day that happens

I will take my last breath


I write letters to you

convey my feelings in words

I hope that you read it all

and take the sweet love that I send

And I wish I could write letters

that could fit all my love

but I run out of words and papers

our love runs eternal, forever.

Indentations in my heart

The emptiness of my heart

the lonely mist that surrounded me

were filled up with your presence

and now it overflows with love

the scars of my past

you’ve turned them into art

and my heart’s indentations

holds your presence.

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Remembering you everyday

I remember you everyday

even if you are with me

even if you are never away from me

I like thinking about you.

Because if thoughts make us who we are

I am already less of me

and happily more of you.

Beatings of a heart

Beatings of a irrational heart

trying to undersand

why I seek you so often

Why I need you so often

but again

this is an irrational heart

And it knows of nothing else

but your love.

Burning petals

The roses have burning petals

the fire from the amalgamation of us

the creation of something so beautiful

Of a beautiful love

The past holds no fetters

and there is no future that I am afraid of

because I hold your hands

And I know nothing can go wrong.

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So these were some original freeverse love poems that are exclusive to Worsdrum. We hope you liked it. If you want more bite-sized poems by wordsrum, you can follow us on our Instagram page here.

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