Body Love Poems for You, Because You’re Amazing the Way you are.

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To celebrate that inner you, the shine of your soul, here are some Wordsrum exclusive body love poems for you. No matter what your body size, color, shape, height, etc is. You should be beautiful in your own eyes. And no one should have the power over you to teach you how to look beautiful.

You are unique, you are beautiful, you will grow, you will improve and you will change yourself, but not on the whims of someone else. Not because someone else does not deem you to be fit or beautiful or attractive. You listen to the call from your soul, not from the chants of unknown faces and dusty minds.

These poems are original poem, written by Wordsrum staff. So you can be ensured that these are original poems, because you deserve nothing but the best. Let’s begin.

A blooming flower

A flower you are

fragrant and bright

But the pests lurk everywhere

watch out for their words so plight.

They say you are not pretty

because your color’s not right

but would you heed their words

when they themselves are colorblind

Just because some people are colorblind, it does not mean that you lack the vibrant colors. You have your own color. Own it, be proud of it. There is not point in listening to what these people have to say. As the saying goes, you can be the best, most delicious and sweetest apple in the farm and yet someone won’t like you because they want to eat peach. just because someone doesn’t like what you are, does not mean you are not good in being what you are.

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Shut the ears

don’t let their opinions fall

and fester inside your mind

And your smile be appalled

Shut your ears

for they won’t shut their mouths

And walk your way, your way

Love yourself, without a shred of doubt

Sometimes, you need to cover your ears from what some people say. This is because whatever they say is not for your benefit or for their anger. All they want is to feel big and powerful. by influencing your emotion, they get this sense of power and authority. How to defeat them? Just don’t to them.

In a race ran 10 frogs. The crowd wasn’t the most supportive crowd. They hurled insults, demoralizing the runners, telling them they cannot win. Convincing them that the defeat is inevitable. and soon, all the frogs started to fall behind and lose.

In the end, only one frog completed the race. People were in disbelief as to how he won. When they approached the frog to find what was its secret, they were shocked. The frog was deaf.

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Wings won’t wane

Don’t trap yourself

in a container that they gave

and slash your body

as you suffocate on swallowed pain

Let yourself free

in that beautiful vessel they can’t see

There’s something in it for you to fly

don’t let the wings wane.

If you listen to what people who don’t care about you say and try and fit in a place where you don’t belong, fit in a size where you cannot go, all you’ll be doing is shedding yourself. It is like cutting of your wings just to fit in well with the crowd. Why would you ever want that?

Reflection on the skin

The sun makes my skin deeper

the moon is ever-elegant on it

the sheen on the skin tells my story

Elegance suppressed by many

It is what it is, no need for me to think

what others have to say, what other can see

I am enough with myself because I am loved by me.

The title was inspired by the great post by Neil deGrasse Tyson called “Reflections on the color of my skin” and this poem aims to speak to the people who have faced discrimination for the color of their skin. Remember, you must always love yourself.

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Brick and mortar

The dust you throw at me

for my body size

slowly I seize

and burn it in the furnace within me

And my will power will make them

into strong bricks

my thoughts are the mortar

and I make a house to live

This poem talks about the transformative power we have to turn something bad into good. What seems like a damaging thing can be used into something protective with a little effort. It is like wearing your scars.

My body

It is my own creation

the divine work of my spirit

the physical manifestation

of my soul and the strength in it.

So why must I care

of what you see in me?

When I hold enough strength

that could run for eternity

Whatever, however it is

It holds my heart, my soul, my mind

this is my presence, my body.

Always remember that your body is the physical manifestation of your soul. This is the temple of your mind and no matter what others convince you, it is you who decide what to do with your body. Do not let others’ opinions shape what you think about it. Do whatever you want with your body, but never let others who don’t love you tell you what “you should be doing” with it.

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Why does it matter?

What my skin looks like

If it is the color of dusk

or the ebony’s shine

If it’s magnificent speckle of red

or if it is glistening white?

What meets the eyes is arbitrary

If you try looking for love

love is all you’ll find

And if you look for the differences

you’ll see a divide.

It is all in the eyes of the beholder. Love is something you can find in people with bodies of different size, color and height. So if you seek love in them, you’ll always find this uniting trait. Now change the thing you seek. Look for differences and not a single person will fall in the same group. All you’ll see is divide, everywhere.

More original poems by Wordsrum:

It is me, who loves me

I have heard piercing words

of how I’d fail to fit

how I am large, how unattractive

and a million times the word “obese”

But does that make me

who I really am?

Does one look is all it takes

But it doesn’t matter to me

because I know for sure

that it is me, who loves me.

Seeking approval from people you don’t care about or they don’t care about you will only result in pain. There is no point of convincing them that you should be loved. All you need to do is love yourself and see how people start notice.

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Verbal Knife

My face is not pale

it’s speckled with sunshine

My hair is not great

but it reflects the moonshine

My body is not perfect

but it is enough to make me shine

my world is not centered around your voices

I tend to focus on my life

My love for myself is eternal

I am metal against your verbal knife

The words and the gashing wounds knives deliver are only different in terms of visibility. The words hurt a lot more because they tend to stick with us. So to prevent this, all you need to do is turn yourself into metal, have steel thoughts and these flimsy verbal knives shall lose their power.

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Captured the night

You see the dark

no, I’ve captured the night

You’d see the fire burning

if you looked me in the eyes

but I know you are afraid

that I’ll see the shame

In hubris you call yourself superior

In reality you’re just a low-life.

Every body is unique and to have a fixed standard for what is beautiful and what is not is utterly primitive. You are beautiful, just the way you are. And no matter what your skin color is, there is always something special about it.

Touch the sky

I don’t stand tall enough

to be among the best?

But with all I have with me

I’ll bring out the rest

No turbulence in my flight

you watch as I climb sky high

The world will be below me

and i don’t wanna look down on anyone

I want to see, how high I can be.

Fear that you are not tall enough to be liked? Fear that you cannot stand amongst people with “better” bodies? There is nothing to fear about it. How tall you are staying only for mere seconds. What you are from the inside is what stays forever. And what you are from the inside is something you can influence and change. so it is better to work on that, isn’t it?

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These were the body love poems about loving your body. Remember that you should never think about your body’s appearance in a negative way, be it color, size, or height. Others can only appreciate your beauty if you wear them. And to wear your beauty, you need to find it yourself. One thing you can trust me on is there is beauty inside you, hidden somewhere, seeking you. Keep looking, keep loving.

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