Poems about Perseverance: More than 10 original poems for Strength

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Sometimes, things get tough and the path that looked so clear and achievable starts getting covered with mist and your legs go numb. So to get you out of that place and to help you move ahead, here are more than 10 original poems about perseverance that are written by the talented writers at Wordsrum. These are exclusive poems, only found here because you deserve the best. So read on, get motivated, and go take over your fears. You have the strength to do it.

My Perseverance

There’s nothing to lose 

When you start with nil 

And if dreams aren’t tough

Then what’s the point of it? 

I have lost the thought of losing,

For all the things I have planned to win. 

Giving up or giving in holds no sense. 

It’s just undying faith in me and my perseverance. 

Sun Rises

A burning passion consumes 

The fuel is my entire life

Moments of failure don’t define 

Truth shall come when it is my time

All the darkness of the doubt 

Shall be relinquished when my fire uprises

Having faith in myself because 

Dark clouds or unsurmountable mountains 

The sun always rises. 

Your Game

The times are trying 

And I am aware of the pain 

I know the suffering I feel 

When hardly anyone knows your name 

But I have hard work and a ton of dedication 

Surpassing all for my gain 

I will fall but never falter 

I will always rise again 

You can’t beat me. You can’t defeat me 

I am a player, and this is my game. 

Rises from the Ashes

The fire is strong

Blistering hot

And the road ahead 

Is filled with rasp songs

That strikes fear inside my mind

The trail is treacherous. The road is long

But I must go on

There’s a long way to go

If death is what lies ahead, I shall take it

For it is better than not moving at all

And while the fire burns

With uncertainty’s lashes

Shall the phoenix be afraid of fire?

When it knows it will rise from the ashes.

Rising sun

You and Your Mind

The calmed is soothing

But it is deluding

Don’t try and hide 

The chaos inside

That chaos will change you

It will derange you

But it will take you someplace ahead

So face the mess

That your mind has made

Sort it with strength

Go till the end

If anything that holds you back

You know it’s only you, no pretense 

The toughest life is someone who lies

The toughest fight is with you inside

Don’t let it run you

You are the one to run your mind.

Your Time

The pain hardship brings

May last days may last years

It isn’t pain’s persistency, it’s your complacency

It isn’t pain’s determination, it’s your fears


Replace your tears 

With your sweat 

This isn’t a punishment

It is a test

And it is the time for you to shine

To go beyond 

And make it your time.

Like a Star

There’s no miracle

Look for no miracle

It is the hard work that changes

Coming through all the challenges

It is where your story is written

It is perseverance to take you all the way

So pull up your socks 

And prepare for a war

It is easy to give in to the darkness

But takes an effort to shine like a star.

Do or Die

When fear takes hold of you

You know what to do

It is not running away, no hiding

You look in the eyes of fear and show the real you 

You can be where you decide 

Reach the sky’s infinite height

Or be lost in a failure’s plight.

Fighting for

If it is your desperate desire

Then there will be no place for excuse

If it is all you want to have

Then it is something you cannot lose

It takes over your mind, it is all you think

Nothing else, nothing more

So fight with all your strength, give it all you have, no matter how tough it gets,

If it is worth dreaming for

It is worth fighting for

It is worth striving for


You’re a piece of iron

Stay dormant and then you’ll find

You’re all covered with rust

Brittle, useless and cracked

With the slightest touch

Always remember,

You’re a piece of iron

Covered in mud and dirt

The heat will make you turn

Into something of your true worth

And the hammering will bestow pain

But the pain will let you take over the world.

Your Pearl

Nothing worth achieving

Is achieved easily 

What’s achieved easily

Has no worth.

The goal has no value

It’s desirable, it is sought

Because it needs hard work

So close your eyes

And pull down the blinds

To everything that is not worth

Your attention

Give it all to what is all to you

Why must you dig holes to find coal

While you can swim the ocean

For your pearl.

Not a ship

You’re not on a ship

That is crossing a sea

But you are in a sea

And that’s a treacherous sea

Filled with sharks 

And other atrocities 

Out there for blood

And the shore cannot be seen.

But keep in mind 

That you are not in a ship

But you are in the middle of this

Treacherous ship

You are not in a ship, I repeat 

But don’t worry and keep swimming 

Because you are the ship

Made of steel and unbreakable dreams

Dreams are bricks

There is a lot that must be done 

If it is your dream is concerned 

And it is our dreams that put light on the future. 

And decide what is to come. 

Dreams are what gives us eyes

To see through our misery and pain

If not dreams, then are we even alive?

Eat, sleep, and repeat, again and again? 

Dreams are the bricks 

Our hopes are built with 

What makes these bricks? 

Our perseverance, undying faith

In overcoming adversities 

In trusting our skills 

In the utter confidence on our will 

So stay strong and keep walking on

You have everything you need 

The night always ends, no matter how long

Don’t be afraid of the dark, keep laying bricks.


It burns in you

The desire to prove

It burns in you

The desire to do

Don’t burn with it 

Let it go out

Create your story for the future

With what you do now

There is a hardship for every smile

But the difficulty mustn’t be hard

If your heart indeed complies 

And the passion shall roar and rage

With every iota of strength 

You will create history 

With your present

So don’t fall weak, there’s so much to seek

There might be endless pains ahead

But your courage and perseverance know no end. 

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